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ClickBank offers a very powerful system for selling your own downloadable products such as eBooks, software, or access to private member site. To do so you join ClickBank as a vendor, and this allows you to sell one, two, or even hundreds of your own products.

A big benefit of being a ClickBank vendor is that you can set a commission rate for your products, and affiliates will then link to you (using a special link known as a "HopLink" to earn commissions). Since ClickBank has huge numbers of affiliates, this can be a very powerful way to attract lots more visitors to your site and generate lots more sales.

Unfortunately however the ClickBank system has an important and frustrating limitation. Although, you as a vendor can sell hundreds of products from a single ClickBank account, you can only set one standard landing page (known as the "HopLink Target URL") for all your affiliates to send visitors to. This creates a problem as if you want to sell multiple products, as you really would like to have different landing pages for each of your products, and perhaps even a choice of several landing pages for some of your products.

CBMultiLink is a powerful PHP script, that is fully compatible with standard ClickBank hop links, as well as ClickBank's affiliate tracking systems, but which allows your ClickBank affiliates to link to product-specific landing pages on your website, or even websites.

Here is an example:
  • Imagine you are selling three products:

    1. Cat Behavior eBook

    2. Dog Grooming eBook - targeted at both pet-owners and professional groomers

    3. Parrot Care eBook

  • If you use the standard ClickBank HopLink system:

    • Your affiliates would have to send visitors to an introductory page on your website, which gave a choice of Cats, Dogs, or Parrots.

    • These would then (hopefully) click-through to the appropriate choice, and read the sales letter for the particular product.

    • Of course, many visitors would simply not click-through, and the percentage of visitors who buy your products would be low.

    • Moreover with this approach, many affiliates would probably not be happy (and they can easily join somebody else's ClickBank affiliate program instead of yours) linking to a general introductory page. For example, an affiliate who owns a website about dogs, or who is advertising dog products on search engines, would want to link directly to a dog-specific landing page.

  • But Using CBMultiLink:

    With CBMultiLink you can setup a range of choice of landing pages which your affiliates can link directly to. Continuing the pets eBooks example, you could easily setup a whole series of landing pages and your affiliates would have the option of being able to link directly to any of your landing pages:

    1. Default Landing Page - Gives a choice of different pet eBooks

    2. Cat Behavior eBook Landing Page

    3. Dog Grooming eBook Landing Page 1 - sales-letter targeted at both pet-owners and professional groomers

    4. Dog Grooming eBook Landing Page 2 - sales-letter targeted at pet-owners

    5. Dog Grooming eBook Landing Page 3 - sales-letter targeted at professional groomers

    6. Parrot Care eBook Landing Page


    • These Landing Pages can even be on different domains and websites!

    • Affiliates who use a standard ClickBank HopLink (and who either decide not to use, or who are simply unaware of your choice of landing pages), will send traffic to your Default Landing Page.


  • 3.07
    • Added a new feature: affiliates can use offer= in their hop links instead of pid= (so if compatible with launch pad pro, if you are switching from that software to cbmultilink provided admin keeps the offer)

  • 3.06
    • Fixes a typo in message when change nickname.

  • 3.05
    • Fixes a typo in message when change nickname.
    • Updated to latest ffvalidate.js (javascript validation)
    • Corrected typo in affiliate link generator
    • Updated screenshots and instructions for setting HopLink Target URL to confirm to latest ClickBank screens (as of 8th May 2013)
    • Improved explanation of cloaked URLs in affiliate link generator
    • Added Vendor's affiliate link to CBMultiLink to affiliate link generator pages
    • Added admin option to now show vendor's affiliate link to CBMultiLink on affiliate link generator pages
    • IFRAME code given for affiliate link generator had an extra "

  • 3.04
    • Fixes a bug in cmj.php/cmadmin.php that affects some webhosts - preg_replace instead of ereg_replace

  • 3.03
    • Fixes a bug in cmj.php that affects some webhosts

  • 3.02
    • Adds a payment link cloaker

  • 3.01
    • Adds an affiliate link generator.
    • Adds option for affiliates to use cloaked URLs.

  • 3.00
    • First Release - November 2012
    • This version number was chosen to match other SCRIPTROCKET.COM products available at the release date.


To use this script you need:


  1. Unpack the contents of cbmulti.zip into a folder on your computer.

  2. Use FTP or a similar tool to access your web host.

  3. Still using FTP (or a similar tool), navigate to the folder where web accessible files are stored. On most web hosts it is called something like public_html, public or www (ask your web-host if unsure).

  4. Still using FTP (or a similar tool), create a sub-folder called cbmulti

  5. Still using FTP (or a similar tool), navigate into the cbmulti sub-folder.

  6. Still using FTP (or a similar tool), upload the entire contents of the folder created in step 1 into the cbmulti sub-folder.

  7. Open your web browser, and type into the address bar the URL of the administration script. It will be something like http://www.yoursite.com/cbmulti/cmadmin.php - obviously replace www.yoursite.com with your actual domain name.

  8. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation and setup.

  9. If you receive an error concerning reading or writing to the cmconfig.php or cmconfig2.php file, you will need to change the permission of both these files so they are readable and writeable. If your FTP program uses numeric permissions ("CHMOD") try 644, and if that doesn't work try 666, and if that doesn't work try 777.


CB MultiLink Script Copyright (C) Answers 2000 Limited
See LICENSE.TXT for copyright information and Terms of Use.